Empanada in Ilocos

Empanada is one of the specialty foods in Ilocos Norte. One piece of empanada is cost of 35 pesos. I am very curios this specialty food because of the orange color and excited to try something new. I also bought one piece but before I buy I just asking to the saleswoman what is the main ingredients of this food. She told me that the ingredients are egg, papaya and longanisang Ilocos. I just amazed the good taste of the food I just put the suka or vinegar for much better taste. I just try to buy more as pasalubong but the place of Ilocos Norte is very far from our hometown, and I know that the empanadas become spoiled. So I just try to cook in our home as an experience.

 photo empanada_zps67e6a6f4.jpg