Quality staircase for safety

Guest post written by friend Jared

When you are building a new building there are many items that are often overlooked. Everyone knows that stairs are needed to get from one level to the next. So there can often times be overlooked what kind of staircase will be used. In fact staircase railings are a good opportunity to give your style to your building. There are many different types of spindles or balusters you can use to give the look you are looking for.

If you have the budget wood stair banisters are very popular. These banisters are made usually of all wood but sometimes iron is used in for the spindles. You want to make sure that the look of your banister goes well with the theme of your building. If you put something in that clashes stylistically with the rest of the building you have a problem. It isn’t easy to rip out an entire banister and start over. So careful planning is always a good idea. Always measure twice and cut once.