Pagudpud Beach Resort

The summer is here again; our family went to Ilocos Norte for a short vacation and we also visit and tried to swim and experience the stunning view of Pagudpud Beach Resort. Pagudpud beach resort is one of the interesting place and popular beach in Ilocos Norte. We stayed one night at Saud Beach Resort, this is the one of the well-known beach resort in the northwest of Luzon, located at Saud Beach in Pagudpud , Ilocos Norte. It is very private with a nice beachfront and view of the Bangui Windmills at a distance. Saud beach resort in pagudpud is very nice places to stay of you are looking for a place to relax and has the most beautiful and scenic beach front view.

Anyway, our family enjoyed this place and feels the beauty and scenic front view of the resort. Well, this is our first time to visit in this resort and this is very memorable to us, because from our town it’s almost 16 hours far from there. But it‘s worth it because this is the resort that I want to visit even it is very far from our town.

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12 thoughts on “Pagudpud Beach Resort”

  1. That’s a very unique name hehehhe. “Pagudpud” in bisaya means “crunchy” hehehhe. It looks like a very relaxing resort. Love the sunset.

    1. If i have a chance to go back again in Ilocos even though it is very far from our hometown, I will go back again because the place are very nice.

  2. I heard Pagudpod is a very nice place. Love your sunset photos! Would love to visit the place if given the opportunity. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

    1. Thank you for the comment, yes pagudpod is a very nice place, and i want to go back again if i have a chance.

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