If we have a packing list to travel

Last week my family went to Ilocos Norte for holly week vacation. We are very happy to travel even though it is very far from our hometown. I say that it is very far because it’s almost 16 hours to travel. Well, during the travel we saw the peanut vendor in the sidewalk and they have many mango tree. My SIL asked the vendor if it is ok to pick some mango fruit and then the vendor was agreed. We are very happy to pick the mango fruit; I think we picked almost 10 pcs of mango. During our travel we try to eat mango but all of us forgot to bring knife or kind of seat belt cutter at MartorUSA.com. All of us feel sad because the one important to travel was forgotten; I say that it is very easy to carry, because it is small and very comfortable to use it. It’s hard to us to eat the mango with outer skin. I think if we have a packing list to travel it’s become easy to eat and aside from that we don’t forget everything. Anyway, we waited to get until we arrived.