The Most Important Aspect of Choosing Kitchen Tile

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important choices you will make is the tile you will use on the floor. Of course the actual style and color will be a subjective choice, but there is one aspect of the choice that will be critical and that is the material. Stone, ceramic and porcelain are the most common.

If you decide to use ceramic tile, you will need to choose a hardness factor for the tile. The more the floor will be walked on, the harder the surface of the floor needs to be. Fortunately for homeowners, there is a standard that has been developed by the ceramic tile industry. Ceramic tile is rated using a scale from one to five. Five is the hardest tile, while one is the least hard. This standard is important because ceramic tile is used for walls as well as floors, and what is suitable for a wall may not be suitable for a floor.

For a floor with a light amount of use, you can use a two, but three is better. For floors with a lot of foot traffic you need a three, but four is better. The five rating is best for industrial and business applications where the foot traffic is constant. For help with the installation of the tile you can get a quote from a professional contractor. You can get info now at an online website. One example can be found at the Renovation Experts website.