I just want to share our high school Christmas party last December 30, 2012. Our venue is in the house of my Classmate. One of my close friends and I was also excited to prepare the party, because this is another time to see each other again for almost 10 years. We are excited to recall and to catch up the happy past and have fun with everyone else. Off course we have an exchange gift worth of 100 pesos to feel the happiness of Christmas party. Buy the way the party schedule start at 2pm, but I just wondered because we only have four to attend the party 🙁 !

Aside from that we also did the exchange gift although we only four. We don’t know how to celebrate the Christmas party, and then I decided to invite my classmate to watch the movie in SM Lucena. We agreed everyone to watch the one More Try movie starring Dingdong Dantes, Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban and Zanjo Marudo. After the movie we had eaten at the pizza hut. I said that we are succeeding to watch the movie but the Christmas party is not. I think we need to prepare early before Christmas and to have a good organize to make sure that the party is success.