Work out is good for our health. Last year my friend and I were also active to work out. Our schedule is MWF or Monday, Wednesday and Friday after office hour. At the first time to try it; the gym instructor gave us the program. First, he teach us warm up and then the yoga fitness. It‘s hard for me at the first time, but it’s becomes easier if we exercise regularly. I love work out because during that time my asthma did not attack and I have always a good health condition. Actually my mind is always active and no stress all the time. Aside from that I was really enjoy the yoga fitness. And I believe that work out and yoga is good for our health. Anyway, during the yoga session we don’t have any theraband at yogadirect or any safety equipment to use, I just think many times, why the gym did not issue or offers to wear this equipment to the customer. This is very important because this is the first need of the customer for their safety. As of now, I stopped work out, but I have a plan to continue it again.