I have a nephew who loves to play guitars. I say that he loves to play guitar because at his very young age (3years old) he already want to have a real guitar. Every time he watched the TV show with a guitar he asked me that he like it. And whenever he heard the rock music or dance music he already danced and gets the broom or walis tambo and he played as his guitar. Actually I bought the plastic toy guitar for him, but he is not satisfied and he doesn’t like to play. I think that my nephew will become a band member because he loves to play guitar or one of the good singers someday or dancer because he knows how to sing the right tune even we don’t understand the lyrics. Aside from that, I think to find guitar at lap steel guitar for sale for him. I know that I can choose the one he likes because there are many quality choices guitars.

By the way my nephew is very young but he has a mature mind and has a faster development. In other words my nephew loves music instruments specially the guitar, and I hope someday his dreams will come true.