FUN RUN, takbo para sa libro….

This is my first time to join a fun run, although jogging and aerobics are one of my sport. The one reason why I join the fun run because my hubby invites me to join this, because of his company is compulsory to join this fun run. The registration fee is cost P450-16k, P350-10k, P250-5k and P200 for 3k. It started in SM City Lucena at 4:45am assembly time. The topic is Takbo Para sa Libro, run for the futureā€¦..give them a chance. This fun run helps and supports the students.

Fun run is the one good running exercise that gives benefits to the body like it strengthens the heart, it lowers blood pressure, it increases lung capacity, it conditions muscles, it regulates the bowel; for the mind benefits it r educes stress, it diminishes depression, it encourages focus, and it develops confidence.

Anyway some of the sponsors like the silver swan give a kit to all the participants. And the pocari sweat is a mineral water that drunk everyone after the fun runs.