Round Biscuit Pan Deep “8

I want to say thank you again to Today at 4.30 in the afternoon my purchased arrived via air 21. Actually, I purchase the round biscuit pan deep “8 from online store at Like the previous items that I bought from this online store I didn’t pay any cash because I used my early points every time that I log in my account. The round biscuit pan deep is cost of 175 and the shipping cost is 75 pesos only. This is not bad because I already have my order even I didn’t pay any cash.

 photo mabayle_zps3294437b.jpg

7 thoughts on “Round Biscuit Pan Deep “8”

  1. I can tell that you love to either cook or bake. I don’t bake so I buy cookies or cakes and stuff. I burn my brownies or cookies whenever I bake them 🙂

  2. Ooh, how cool, I have not tried halohalomall, but I always see it, might try to actually buy something from there one of these days. 🙂

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