Preparing for Christmas Gift

The Christmas season is coming and I started to budget again my money to buy the Christmas gift to my entire godchild, nephew, niece, family and friends. It is not far away to me for preparing some unique Christmas gifts I will take much time and effort. Today we are scheduled to buy Christmas Gifts and do our Christmas Shopping for ourselves as well. We will be going to the different store that having a Christmas sale of course :-). But first I take some time and think about it: what kind of Christmas gifts do I buy for family and friends really like or need?

First step would be the Pacific Mall, Lucena City. I’ll be buying mostly toys. Then I drop buy in Pretty 99 boutique it’s a kind of boutique that sale more on dress and shoes. And the price is almost P99.00 or around $2 dollar in all items. Then I buy 5 kinds of different blouses. Then I went to SM Supermalls to buy some things for me, for my hubby and for Vince. I have a lot of days on my list its12 days before Christmas to finish everything. I hope that I’ve done all my needs before this coming Christmas day!