PINTADOS DE PASI FESTIVAL 2012 on ILO-ILO CITY, hosted by kapuso mo, Jessica Sojo on GMA 7

I watched the Kapuso mo, Jessica Sojo tonight on GMA 7, I really enjoy and amazed on her topic about the Pintados De Passi Festival in Ilo-IloCity. According to her and my research the Pintados De Pasi Festival held every 3rd week of March is perhaps one of the best known and established festivals of the Province of Iloilo that have evolved through the years. It has played a big part in the lives of most Passinhons. Performers adorned in traditional tattoo with elaborate
geometrical designs in their body, including their arms, legs, and torso dramatizes stories in which the town’s ancestral beings laid down every feature of the area, especially their way of life. It includes Garden Show and Food Festival, the Karosa Parada and Carabao-Painting Contest; the Grand Coronation Night for the Search for Binibining Pintados; Sinadysa sa Suba and the Pinta Lawas Contest, and the much awaited Tribe Competition.

Here are some photos that I captured in google, the colorful carabao- painting contest and traditional tattoo that I really amazed and very nice competition to Pintados De Pasi Festival 2012 onIlo-IloCity, hosted by kapuso mo, JESSICA SOJO on GMA 7.

carabao- painting contest
Traditional tattoo competition


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  1. Wow!Really colourful!!I miss the festival in the Philippines,thanks for the post dear^_^

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