The holiday season is just past but the weather is still cold. I want to stay on a good sleeping and wake up late in the morning but I need to wake up early because I will attend the multi-purpose cooperative seminar in our Brgy. My husband was also cooked my favorite macaroni soap and fried chicken as our breakfast, so sweet hehe. Anyway, the winds here will be quite brisk today but it won’t be very cold. Then my hubby always reminds me to buy some patagonia jacket sale to avoid my asthma attack. Because these time my asthma always attack and I need it to protect myself. So I need to buy a new jacket. By the way our seminar is almost half day then my hubby handed me my old jacket. I was really thankful because I am in a good health condition that time.

2 thoughts on “I NEED TO BUY A NEW JACKET”

  1. A jacket is very useful during cold weather. Although I have so many jackets, there is one that I really like to use and it’s starting to fall apart. You have a very sweet husband who takes care of you all the time. You’re so lucky.

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