Okra vegetables have many health benefits and one of the popular nutritious vegetables of North-Eastern Africa origin. They usually gathered while the pods are green, tender, and at immature stage. The plant is cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions around the world for their fibrous fruits or “pods.” It grows best in well-drained and manure rich soil.

Everyday I really happy because everyday I harvested 4 to 10 pieces okra in my backyard. I cooked okra for steam and dip into soysauce with calamansi in chili. I know that okra have many health benefits, in my research okra have rich for vitamins A,B,C and K.
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Anyhow here are some prominent vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in okra.

Fiber – 2.5 grams. 10% of RDA (recommended daily value)
Vitamin C – 16.3 milligrams. 27% RDA.
Folate – 46 micrograms. 11% RDA.
Vitamin A – 283 international units. 6% RDA.
Vitamin K – 40 micrograms. 50% RDA. The vitamin K found in okra is known as vitamin K1, one of two beneficial forms. The other beneficial form is K2; K3 is synthetic and should be avoided.
Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 0.9 mg. 4% RDA.
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – 0.1 mg. 9% RDA.
Vitamin B6 – 0.2 mg. 9% RDA.
Magnesium – 36 mg. 9% RDA.
Manganese – 0.3 mg. 15% RDA.
Beta carotene – 225 mcg.
Lutein, Zeaxanthin – 516 mcg.


The Giant Eggplant

The giant eggplant below is located in La Virginia Resort and Hotel, Brgy. Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa Batangas. It was very funny because the size is very big and all of them are artificial, there are a lot of kinds vegetables displayed and fruits like mushroom, banana, mango, squash and eggplant. Because I don’t know what to write today I just browsing my fb album and I found the cute and funny photo of me and the giant eggplant. Actually the artificial eggplant is made of paper machine.
 photo eggplant_zpsd6b93856.jpg

Anyhow, the place is very nice and there are a lot of attractions everywhere you turned. I hope to visit again the place because 2 days is lacking to stroll or sightseeing in this area, because the place is almost 8.5 hectares according to the employee in this resort. I say that the place is very wide because of that hectares and it has 10 swimming pools including for the children. They have a spa, nipa hut room, Buddha statue, many animal statues, zip line, castle hotel and a lot more. How about you guys? Do you want to experience that place? The place is open to all and you can feel the beauty and relaxing place in this area.

Ampalaya Vegetable Recipe and Pandan Leaves

Based on my research, Ampalaya is a vegetable grown throughout the Philippines. It is mostly cultivated, although wild forms can be found. It grows wild in the remote areas of Mt.Banahaw. As the English name suggests (bitter melon), the melon has a bitter taste due to the presence of momordicin. There has been much research done on the effectiveness of using Momordica Charantia in the treatment of diabetes. It has been shown to increase production of beta cells by the pancreas, thereby improving the body’s ability to produce insulin. It has been recommended by the Department of Health of thePhilippines, as one of the best herbal medicines for its ability to help with liver problems, Diabetes and HIV. It is a common herb used in Chinese herbology. In thePhilippines, the leaves are often used for children’s coughs. It is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, sterility in women, as a parasiticide, as an antipyretic, and as a purgative.

Anyway, I prepared ginisang ampalaya dish for my lunch; it is very simple dish for me. First step, Slice the ampalaya lengthwise then crape out the white membrane with spoon or with a knife. Second step, slice the ampalaya thinly, then rub the slices with rock salt and soak in water for 15 to 20 minutes. It helps cut the resentment of the vegetable. Then wash the ampalaya afterwards. I prepare the “sangkutsa.” Crush 2 cloves of garlic. Dice one small onion. Add ¼ kl. liver of chicken or its up to you if you want to add tomato. Pour oil in a heated pan. Slide in your onions. When transparent, stir in the garlic, followed by the liver. Stir in the ampalaya slices. Cook for about 2-3 minutes. I also add about 1/4 cup of water for a little broth. Then add a tablespoon of patis and pepper. When ampalaya is quite tender, stir in the beaten eggs and cook for another 5 minutes. Do not over cook the vegetable so it will still have a distinct crunchy taste when you eat. Then it’s ready to be served.

The other plants is known pandan leaves, it is a type of plant that grows in tropical areas ofAsia. Pandan leaves have a sweet, unique flavor that is commonly used in rice and to enhance both desserts and savory dishes. The leaves are long and bright green, and when pounded or ground, they lend a sweet taste and aroma to many desserts and some drinks.