Busy to Repair our Second Hand Car

Last week hubby was very busy to repair our second-hand car. For the past 3 years our car must be good condition and we do not encounter any problem. But when we are going to the Province of Laguna our car was suddenly stopped on the South Luzon Express Way or SLEX. It’s almost 30 minutes that we stayed there and hubby was also tried to repair. That’s good because after 30 minutes car was also good and starts again to travel. I recommend to my hubby to bring the car in the machine shop to check it and the result is fuel filter is extremely filthy and need to replace it. I said that my hubby has also acknowledged repairing the car but he lacks of equipment repair kit one of the equipment he need to repair is http://www.reidsupply.com to make it good and easy to repair. I said that he do not use for car only but it have many uses this kind of equipment because every time hubby was very busy to repair our second-hand car. He was already checked the machine before we travel to make it safe.


Motorcycles are a great option for transportation. Because they are fun, fast and fuel-efficient, but there are many accidents happening in the street and these are involving motorcycles. Actually the daily service of my hubby is motorcycle; he has also experienced an accident and I’m thankful because it’s mild accident. And he keeps away from severe accident due to his proper wearing of branded helmet. By the way, today they have a lot accident happening in everywhere just because some of the riders wearing a fake or unbranded helmet.

Until the time that Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) inspects and marks ICC stickers on motorcycle helmets to check it whether it is branded or unbranded. If the helmet is branded the DTI issued the ICC stickers but if unbranded the riders need to buy the branded helmet and the DTI does not issue the ICC stickers. My hubby was granted immediately because he also used the branded helmet. Using original or branded helmet like Dirt Bike helmets is very important because it helps to protect your head and keep you safe from accident. Aside from that accident happened unexpectedly.