Upgrade Your Guitar Prowess with a Metronome

Not many people realize the usefulness of affordable metronome when it comes to learning how to play the guitar. Some are not even aware of how it can benefit their training and help them learn even faster. A metronome will help you to find your beat and develop your sense of rhythm which is very important in any guitar practice. Once you learn to do this and feel your beat, you no longer need to find if you’re upbeat or downbeat because you just know. With the help of the metronome, you also develop your tempo and make it easier for you to play with a team or a band. It will be easier to go in sync with them if you feel the rhythm and play at a steady tempo.

Rolling It with the Drums

One of things that easily catch your attention during musical shows and concerts is how the drummer rolls the drums for the ad-lib. A great concert doesn’t end without showcasing the talents and skills of each band members, and while guitarist can sway the crows with their unique rhythm, the drummer can easily wow the crowd with the loud harmonious sound he produces. Aside from their skills and talents, having the right snare drums for rock music does wonder for the overall musical quality produced by the band’s drummer. It should be made with the high quality materials as well to ensure that the sound is heard over the loud cry of the guitars and the vocals during the show.

Music Classes for Kids and Teens

Learning to play musical instruments while young fosters character building such as discipline, responsibility and others. This is why many parents decide to enroll their kids to voice or musical instrument lessons. Some common instruments that kids and teenagers are interested to learn to play are guitar and the piano. But there are also some kids who want to deviate from the norm and learn to play other more complicated instruments such as the cello, violin and the upright bass. This will really challenge their skills, talents as well as their dedication to learn until they have master the craft of playing their chosen instrument.

She needs to replace drum sticks

I have a friend who is a band member and she is a drummer of their group. She always invited me to watch their show every time she perform and I‘ll be there together with my hubby. We are really proud of her and I also treat her like my sister. Every beat of her drums they have many fans to support her just because she has a good personality. She has a good performer but she asked me she need to replace her old drum sticks to maintain the good quality of the drum. And I told her to buy online store because they have more different kind and quality she found. And aside from that I think she really enjoys shopping via online because of a wide store and just easy to buy.


Guitar Collection on Display

Back in our college days, my group of friends loves to spend post final exam days celebrating in our favorite bar near the university. Nothing compares to the feeling of winding down and having a good laugh after hellish weeks spent studying day and night. We are also serious about getting great marks for all our subjects but we are not geeks. We also love great music together with the different kind of great instrument and bonding over a round of drinks. That bar we used to go to have this extreme collection of guitar displayed on the walls. Some vintage and other are as awesome as the ibanez gio electric guitar at musicians friend!


I have a nephew who loves to play guitars. I say that he loves to play guitar because at his very young age (3years old) he already want to have a real guitar. Every time he watched the TV show with a guitar he asked me that he like it. And whenever he heard the rock music or dance music he already danced and gets the broom or walis tambo and he played as his guitar. Actually I bought the plastic toy guitar for him, but he is not satisfied and he doesn’t like to play. I think that my nephew will become a band member because he loves to play guitar or one of the good singers someday or dancer because he knows how to sing the right tune even we don’t understand the lyrics. Aside from that, I think to find guitar at lap steel guitar for sale for him. I know that I can choose the one he likes because there are many quality choices guitars.

By the way my nephew is very young but he has a mature mind and has a faster development. In other words my nephew loves music instruments specially the guitar, and I hope someday his dreams will come true.



Just recently, a friend of mine was tasked to take over the preparation for their grand anniversary party. It was a huge responsibility and she needed recommendations for everything from preparation of the program, catering of foods, renting of tables and chairs, the sound systems and even top monitor stand. It was a good thing that she was also given a team to help her out with the planning and budgeting. I heard they all had a blast with the great party as well as some surprise giveaways that the management has also prepared for their employees.

Hiring a Band for a Rocking Birthday Theme

These days, having a theme for any celebration is the trend. For weddings, you can find white or bohemian theme, for birthdays however, it can go from the usual to highly creative such as magical princess for little girls or rock star parties for boys. These makes even the older ones enjoy a birthday party to showcase their dreams of being a famous rock star even for a day. One party I attended just recently even hired a band complete with all the musical instruments. I heard they even have to buy markbass musical equipment to ensure that the sound system will give off the band and the celebrant’s rocking performance!



I do not have a golden voice, but i just love to sing. Every time I feel lonely I listening the music because it makes me feel happy and relax. Anyway, my hubby and I love to sing, so he completes the set of videoke player. I feel that I have a golden voice while I am singing just because of the quality m audio speaker. Sometimes my nephew joining to us. He loves to sing even though we do not understand the lyrics because he also 2 years and 4 months old but he delivered the correct tune and with feelings.