The Birthday Present

I always used lipstick since I was in college, because i do not have a sensitive skin i used any brand of lipstick, but actually the brand I always use is avon. I’m not advertising this brand but I just want to share my experience using the lipstick without brand. I have a friend, she is my neighbor, and she gave me one peace of magic lipstick as her birthday present to me. According to her the magic lipstick is good to her lips. So I am so happy for her present and I just want to say thank you.

Anyway, I also try to apply to my lips, but after a few hours my lips became dried or fractured. So I stopped using the magic lipstick, even I like the color and the smell. I didn’t tell to my friend what had happened to my lips and just stopped using it. So from now on I won’t apply any cosmetics without brand, but first I need to know the brand and the quality of the cosmetics. Later, I noticed that the present is made from China but I tried to my lips because I know myself that I don’t have allergy and I am not sensitive. But now I realized using branded cosmetics is better for the safe and comfort of my skin.

So, beware to all the unbranded products even it is cheap or affordable but it‘s not worth it.