My hubby, Vince and I were going to Pacific Mall at 7:00 o’ clock in the evening to buy the gifts of my mother because she was celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I was taking the picture of the Christmas Decoration of Lucena City Hall along the highway going to Pacific Mall. I was attracted the wonderful Christmas Belen in front of the Lucena City Hall. This is very attractive and the lightning Christmas light. This is the one beautiful Christmas decoration that I spot in Lucena City. Vince and I were really enjoyed to look the wonderful decorations, and then I was taken the picture.

Christmas Belen is the one traditional Filipino Christmas symbols herein the Philippines. It refers the scene representing the actual birth site of Jesus Christ. It has become an integral part of Christmas celebration. I remember when I was a child I make my own Belen decorations inside my house. It’s made of art paper, cotton, Japanese paper or papel de hapon and thread for my simple Belen decorations. I really feel the spirit and happiness of Christmas.

For now, I can’t feel the spirit of Christmas because of the crises facing in our country today. But in the Philippines crisis or no crisis, the spirit of Christmas is already in the air even if it’s just in the month of October. The countdown of days till Christmas is already running, many people are already buying gifts, decorating their homes with Christmas decorations like Christmas Belen, Christmas tree, etc. and busy for preparing this coming Christmas.