Package from CANADA

We received an early Christmas presents from Jocson Family; my sister-in-law, her husband, and their four kids. They gave us t-shirt, soap, Colgate, perfume, Nike rubber shoes and my favorite chocolate. Me and my hubby really enjoy everything in it. We greatly appreciate the time and thought put into the care packages you send. Again thank your for the early Christmas gift.

My orange collection

I was at Pacific Mall Lucena together with my hubby. We saw a lot of cute sttufed toys, all of them are very attractive. Then my hubby accompanied me to buy a token and catch the “stuffed toy catcher”. I am very happy because I catch the cute orange Garfield stuffed toy.

This orange box accessory is made of wood with name and made to order. It cost P100.00 pesos from Paiti, Laguna. This is the one of my collection I bought it last year.